Hi and welcome!

    Looks like youíve made it. My name is Thong Vo and this is my online portfolio. How does it look? If you want to know, Iím going for that clean look. This website had been redesigned for about ten times in the past few years. I think Iíll settle with this for awhile.
    You see that bird, the one on the top left-hand corner there? Well itís actually how my signature looks. Isnít it cool? How about them Vís and Oís? They make up my last name and Iím just crazy about symmetrical letters. Donít get me wrong, I also love nonsymmetrical letters, especially the letter Z. As for the color, simply, cyan is definitely in, man.
    Now donít be shy, go ahead and take a tour. If you see anything you like, let me know. Anyhow, enjoy yourself.

Thong Vo